Andersen A-Series Windows Deliver the Dream on Overset Island

If you were stuck on an island, what would you bring with you? For one homeowner building his dream home on an island in Casco Bay, Maine, the answer was Andersen® A-Series windows.

Overset Island is one of several minor islands that are part of the Casco Bay inlet on the southern coast of Maine. In the summer months, the bay is alive with deep sea fishing boats, sailing vessels and families who have enjoyed their summers in the area for generations. As the summer fades and cooler weather takes hold, many of the island’s inhabitants head inland, vowing to return the next summer.

Pete Robbins is among those who have chosen Casco Bay. Just a few years ago he fulfilled a lifelong dream to build his own sea-side retreat in the area. There were plenty of reasons not to buy land on Overset Island – the remote location, rough weather extremes – but those reasons were the same reasons driving Robbins to choose the location.


Working with designer Jeff Smith and Kenny Beck Builders, Robbins saw the home of his dreams spring off the design pages and bloom on the rocky shores of Overset Island. The team’s experience building homes capable of withstanding the harsh coastal conditions was important, and many material choices were driven by the desire for low-maintenance and rugged performance in the face of a Nor’easter. For the windows and doors on the house, the Andersen® A-Series product line was the only choice the contractor would consider. Not only would they stand up to the rough weather, but the designer wanted a very clean architectural look for the structure. A-Series windows allowed them to mix double-hung, casement and awning windows around the house, but the common glass setbacks across the models communicated the clean lines of the design.

The views from the island were not to be wasted; yet the windows couldn’t be a point of vulnerability when rough weather blew in. Andersen A-Series windows offered the energy efficiency and weather resistance to open the views to the exterior and limit outside noise. Once the team figured out the logistical challenges of a site accessible only by boat for a limited number of months, the home was complete.

Fierce storms are not uncommon in the area. Robbins and his family were impressed by how quiet the house was when one of the first big storms hit shortly after moving in. While he enjoys his island home much of the year, he’s confident when shutting down the house in the fall that the home, its views and the dream it delivers will stand ready to welcome them home again the following spring.


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