Calculating wind loads is a breeze with new Winde app

Evaluating a site’s wind load requirements is a critical part of good design. Thanks to a new app now available for all smartphones, calculating wind loads and finding the best match among window models from Andersen is literally at your fingertips, saving you valuable time.


Winde RTW/Windows is available from for $9.95 and helps determine wind loads based on ASCE 7-10 by calculating Site-Specific Basic Wind Speeds for ASCE 7-10, design roof-to-wall uplift loads, and design wind pressures for windows.

The Winde app calculates site specific wind speeds using the GPS coordinate system to provide wind speeds for ASCE 7-10. Wind speeds can be obtained by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal form, using the mobile device’s location capabilities, or entering an address. The program uses the ATC Wind Speed By Location database to determine wind speeds. Wind speeds are site-specific for the GPS coordinates provided and are found by interpolation to the nearest 1-mph.

You can also use the app to calculate design loads for the connection of the roof framing to the wall for wind uplift loads (roof-to-wall uplift loads or RTW) or design wind pressures for windows and doors. The window design pressures are based on the Low-rise Buildings (mean roof heights ≤ 60 ft) provisions of Section 30.4 in ASCE 7-10.

Another helpful feature of the app allows you to locate a dealer as well as find the right Andersen window model for your project.

Of course, all calculations must be checked against the specific building codes in the area. See your local building code official for requirements in your area.

Code compliance doesn’t have to come at the cost of window aesthetics. To learn more about this and other tools for professionals, visit


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