Popular 400 Series Window Now Offers Stormwatch Protection

Protection against the elements is a function expected of all windows; Andersen® windows and doors with Stormwatch® protection go beyond that basic expectation and stand up to whatever Mother Nature can dish out.** Stormwatch protection is offered on A-Series windows and patio doors and 400 Series windows.

coastal-carousel-f-10_215Strength in Design

Showcasing Andersen’s classic blend of engineering and craftsmanship, Andersen products with Stormwatch protection provide 24/7 protection from storms when homeowners are away, without the need for shutters or removable storm panels.

Beautiful Views Without Sacrifice

With choice of impact resistant glass, Andersen products with Stormwatch protection can comply with virtually any coastal building code requirement.* It’s simply a matter of specifying:

  • Monolithic impact-resistant glass is reinforced with a laminate interlayer sandwiched between two panes to help withstand repeated impacts, forced entry and unwanted noise. Customers can choose from clear, bronze, green, or gray interlayer options.
  • Low-E4® impact- resistant glass provides all the benefits of monolithic impact-resistant glass, while adding an insulating air space that helps keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Low-E4® Smartsun™ impact-resistant glass delivers the benefits of Low-E4 glass, plus it helps deflect heat from the sun and filters out 95% of potentially harmful UV rays while still allowing sunlight into the home.
  • Low-E4® Sun impact- resistant glass provides all the benefits of Low-E4® glass and is tinted for increased protection from the effects of intense sunlight.

Strength in Value

An excellent value, virtually maintenance-free and available in an array of colors and styles, it’s easy to customize the precise combination of glass and structural upgrades needed to meet the requirements of coastal building codes anywhere your project may be located. *

400 Series windows with Stormwatch protection are available in the four colors most popular with homeowners: White, Sandtone, Canvas, Terratone and Forest Green. Each window features Perma-Shield® vinyl cladding that resists salt spray and sea air and never needs painting, repels water, resists dents, and won’t peel, blister, flake or corrode.**

400 Series windows with Stormwatch protection are one coastal solution available from Andersen. The company also offers impact resistant options in its A-Series and E-Series product lines. Offering customers a choice that’s not a compromise is something for which any building professional strives. With Stormwatch protection available on Andersen 400 Series windows, A-Series windows and patio doors and HarbormasterÒ impact-resistant product systems for E-Series windows and patio doors, it’s easier than ever to find just what you need with Andersen.

*See your local code official for building code requirements in your area.

**Visit andersenwindows.com/warranty or contact your Andersen supplier for details


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