Sustainability Spotlight: A Timeline of Responsible Leadership

In our second Corporate Sustainability Report, Andersen shares the latest progress made towards a commitment established over a century ago to be the kind of company that not only produces a superior product, but also respects the human and natural resources needed to succeed and supports the communities it serves. From that report, we wanted to share our timeline of Responsible Leadership that documents the company’s innovations; some are commonplace in most workplaces today, others have set a standard for our industry:

  • 1922: Andersen becomes the first in the industry to offer employees two weeks’ paid vacation
  • 1924: Andersen begins actively seeking employee input with a suggestion system
  • 1938: Andersen develops its first health care plan for employees
  • 1941: The Andersen Corporate Foundation is established, marking the beginning of a long tradition of charitable giving
  • 1960: Andersen begins offering employee sick pay
  • 1983: Andersen becomes the first window company to employ low emissivity (Low-E) glazing as a standard glass technology, greatly improving energy efficiency
  • 1993: Andersen develops Fibrex® material, a revolutionary composite made of reclaimed wood fiber from Andersen manufacturing and vinyl
  • 1999: Andersen is the first window manufacturer to be named ENERGY STAR® National Window Partner of the Year by the Department of Energy
  • 2000: Andersen joins the Certified Forest Products Council (CFPC)
  • 2003: Andersen funds and builds 100 homes with Habitat for Humanity in celebration of the company’s centennial celebration
  • 2007: Award winning Andersen steam plant supplies entire heating and cooling demand, as well as some of its manufacturing power, for the 2.5-million-square-foot Bayport facility
  • 2008: Andersen receives Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification for traceability in our wood supply chain (FSC-C016636)
  • 2009: Andersen’s Corporate Administrative Offices located in Oak Park Heights, MN earns the ENERGY STAR® Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its superior energy performance
  • 2013: Andersen receives the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence award for the second consecutive year

To read more from the 2012 Andersen Corporate Sustainability Report, visit

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