NEW! Pattern Books App for iPad® Mobile Devices


Andersen Windows has debuted an iPad app that provides users interactive versions of its four most popular Home Style Library pattern books. Available free in the iTunes® App Store, these tablet-friendly apps give homeowners, architects, builders and remodelers easily accessible resources to understand and discuss the elements of architectural style at any stage of the building process.


Starting with the four most popular pattern books, Prairie, Craftsman Bungalow, Farmhouse and Georgian/Federal, users can download just the style they need when they need it. That accessibility in an iTunes app helps architects and builders bring design knowledge with them anywhere they go throughout the building process. It’s like having an architectural library at your fingertips.

The app was designed to give users a truly enhanced experience unlike the print and pdf versions of the Pattern Books. Zoom into images to view intricate details, swap out colors and trim configurations and select finishing touches like hardware. More styles will be added to the app collection in the future, including French Eclectic, Modern, Shingle, Queen Anne, Ranch, Spanish Colonial, Tudor styles and more as Andersen expands the Andersen Home Style Pattern Book offering.

Part of the Andersen Home Style Library, volumes in the library are now accessible four ways: online as interactive resources; as free downloadable pdfs; spiral-bound hard copies of eight styles may be ordered through the Andersen website; and now the iPad app brings the Prairie, Farmhouse, Craftsman Bungalow and Georgian/Federal styles to the convenience of tablet technology.

For more information on the Andersen Home Style Library and to order pattern books, visit

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